Professional MKI


The LIC Pedals Professional MK1 is a faithful recreation of the Gary Hurst Design. Using NOS & period correct components, and meticulous tone matching we were able to produce a pedal that calls back to classic tones used by Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson (David Bowie), J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), and many more! The LIC Pedals Professional MK1 is the perfect option for high gain, sizzling leads with plenty of bottom end. It will cut through with a presence that commands attention.

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* 3 gain matched NOS Mullard OC75 germanium transistors
* NOS Mullard Mustard capacitors
* NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors
* True bypass Carling footswitch
* 6”x3.5” Hammond 1590 P1 aluminium enclosure
* Philips Electrolytic capacitors
* 1/4” Cliff UK jacks
* Dakaware US made knobs
* Shielded wire throughout to cut out noise
* Alpha CTS potentiometers
* Powder coated and screen printed enclosure for extra durability

LIC pedals Mk1 & Jerms Mk1

LIC pedals Mk1 & Jerms Mk1 Comparison.

LIC Pedals Tonebender Supa MKI and modded MKI with a Castledine Supa

Demo of two Supa MKI's and a modded MKI by LIC Pedals. Pedals can be seen on ebay under LIC Pedals.

MKI in Gin Wigmore - Black Parade - Live NYC Sessions

Check out Dave Goodison from Gin Wigmore using the MKI in this video.

In 1965, on the search for more sustain, guitar legend Vic Flick (James Bond theme song) brought Maestro (FZ-1) Fuzz Tone to electronics engineer Gary Hurst. From that, The Tone Bender MK1 was born. Arguably the first fuzz pedal created in England, the MK1 offered the same features as its American counterpart (FZ-1) while supplying a higher output with a more harmonically complex sound.