Professional MKII


The LIC Pedals Professional MKII produces a thick, warm, and saturated sustain. Using NOS germanium transistors and the same specifications as the original design, our pedal can produce tones similar to that heard on Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused”. The LIC Pedals Professional MKII comes equipped with a bias knob that controls the output of the third gain stage, giving your pedal a range of fuzz tones from gated & spitty to smooth & creamy.

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* 3 gain matched NOS Mullard OC75 germanium transistors
* NOS Mullard Mustard capacitors
* NOS Allen Bradley resistors
* Philips Electrolytic capacitors
* Carling true bypass footswitch
* Handwired on Vero board (like the original design)
* Shielded wire (to cut out noise)
* Alpha potentiometers
* ¼” Cliff UK jacks
* 6”x3 ½” Hammond 1590 P1 aluminum enclosure
* Dakaware US made knobs


DAM MKII W/OC75'S and LIC Pedals MKII W/OC75's, going through a 1974 Marshall JMP 100 watt through a JCM800 4 x 12 cab, and a Hamer with P90 pick ups. Recorded at Contintental studios in Long Island City, NY by Phil Duke. For info email at

The Sola Sound Tone Bender MKI was the product of the experimental nature of the 1960s. The Tone Bender MKII was the “new and improved” version. Created in 1967, the MKII had all of the features that guitar fuzz enthusiasts loved with a few, very practical, upgrades. As a result of circuit refinements, the MKII gave guitar players a smoother more sophisticated sound. These improvements offered a range of possibilities that attracted players like Jimmy Page.