Professional MKIII


The LIC Pedals Professional MKIII is essentially MKII with more of everything! It is the most modern sounding fuzz pedal we make. It can be used as a distortion pedal or a heavy fuzz pedal while maintaining musicality and pick definition. The pedal has more control due to the added tone knob which can go from warmer psychedelic tones to a piercing fuzz tone and all stops in between. The MKIII is most versatile modern sounding model that we offer.

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* 3 gain matched NOS NKT 212 & 214 germanium transistors
* NOS Mullard Tropical Fish capacitors
* NOS Allen Bradley resistors
* Philips Electrolytic capacitors
* True bypass footswitch
* Handwired on Veroboard
* Shielded wire (to cut out noise)
* Alpha potentiometers
* ¼” Cliff UK jacks
* 5 ½”x5 ½” custom aluminum wedge enclosure
* Dakaware US made knobs


Two Tone Bender MKIII type pedals going thorugh a Marshall JCM 800 with a Hamer Guitar w/P90 Pick ups. The LIC Pedal has it's gain backed off in order to sound more like the DAM pedal.

There are no testimonials for this pedals yet... but it is awesome anyways.