Professional MKIII


The LIC Pedals Professional MKIII is essentially MKII with more of everything! It is the most modern sounding fuzz pedal we make. It can be used as a distortion pedal or a heavy fuzz pedal while maintaining musicality and pick definition. The pedal has more control due to the added tone knob which can go from warmer psychedelic tones to a piercing fuzz tone and all stops in between. The MKIII is most versatile modern sounding model that we offer.

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* 3 gain matched NOS NKT 212 & 214 germanium transistors
* NOS Mullard Tropical Fish capacitors
* NOS Allen Bradley resistors
* Philips Electrolytic capacitors
* True bypass footswitch
* Handwired on Veroboard
* Shielded wire (to cut out noise)
* Alpha potentiometers
* ¼” Cliff UK jacks
* 5 ½”x5 ½” custom aluminum wedge enclosure
* Dakaware US made knobs


Two Tone Bender MKIII type pedals going thorugh a Marshall JCM 800 with a Hamer Guitar w/P90 Pick ups. The LIC Pedal has it's gain backed off in order to sound more like the DAM pedal.