Professional Supa MKI with Steel Wedge enclosure


This is a MKI, but it is based on the rare Marshall Supa Fuzz MKI prototype. That is what it has come to be known as in the vintage pedal world. Very few were actually made, and only a handful are known to exist now, with all of them being in the UK.

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Same layout and parts used as the original
Philips/Mullard OC75’s
Mustard, and Polystyrene tone caps
Custom folded steel wedge MKI enclosure, powder coated
ERO Golden Bullet electrolytic capacitors
Shielded cable used throughout to reduce noise
True Bypass switching
Cliff UK jacks, and Alpha pots
Money back satisfaction guarantee, you just have to pay the return shipping.

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The Supa MKI differs from a regular MKI in a few ways. For one it has no Fuzz/Attack knob, the Fuzz is set at full and instead it has a filter knob, which basically cuts bass. I find these to really have a more aggressive tone then the stock MKI, with a gated tone that really nails a lot of Jimmy Page’s early live Zep tones, as well as Mick Ronson with Bowie. It is built on Vero board just like the originals were and uses top shelf parts. Like all of our pedals, it comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee.