Professional MKIII

Professional MK III


This is the LIC Pedals Tone Bender MKIII/IV pedal. This is not a stock MKIII, but takes aspects of the MKIII and the MKIV and combines them into one package. This circuit is tuned to be more modern sounding then either the MKI or the MKII.

It is basically a MKII with more of everything. More hi end, gain and more control due to the added tone knob, and the way the transistors are biased.  This is a much crunchier sounding circuit that you can easily palm mute, which is very hard to do with a Fuzz pedal. The MKIII is more versatile in that it can even be set as a distortion type pedal depending on how you set the controls. This pedal is biased to not sound gated at all.

I have vintage MKIII and MKIV’s that I have used as reference pedals. The enclosure is a heavy duty steel wedge Selmer Buzztone replica and only have two left. These will be made built to order, so they will take 3 business days to complete, and because they are being built to order you can choose your color and knob layout. The color in the picture is a nickel vein that was made for a customer.

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